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This development space is open to projects related to communication and interaction between wikis or between wikis and other software. For example, MeatBall:WikiBrower? s, MeatBall:WikiClient s, MeatBall:UnifiedRecentChanges? and MeatBall:ChangeAggregator? s, content import/export tools, wiki RSS tools, remote email notification add-ons, and things like MeatBall:TouchGraphWikiBrowser?.

If you have a project that fits within this category, please send me (BayleShanks) an email and I'll get you setup on our SourceForge? site.

Eventually if any of these projects gets big, they should get their own development space.

At this time, this wiki is not really intended for open-ended discussion of ideas, but rather for development of specific pieces of software. Please direct general discussion to other wikis such as InterWikiWiki or CommunityWiki or PicaWiki.

-- BayleShanks

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