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AtomServerModule is a subclass of the Perl module XML::Atom::Server (right now it's called XML::Atom::Server2). The goal is not to implement a complete server, but rather to provide a Perl module that others can subclass in order make a server. It's like XML::Atom::Server, but it provides more prepackaged functionality.

What we have now is:

Here's how the new class might be used. An implementor would subclass the XML::Atom::Server2 class and override methods, just like with XML::Atom::Server. There are 7 methods that almost any implementation would want to override. An implementor needs to provide a way to:

The goal is for the implementor to never have actually think about whether a request was a GET or a POST or whether it was sent to this or that URI (unless they want to). For more control, however, the implementor could override the basic HTTP method handlers.

So far I've only used the unit tests on my server, but I hope that they can be easily adapted to test any Atom server, by changing a few config variables.

You can download it at:

Currently, XML::Atom::Server2 is a pre-alpha release (because it works for me, but no one else has tried it yet); and I personally don't know much about the Atom spec. Be warned!

-- BayleShanks

For support, you can email me; my username is bshanks, and you can email me at my username at users dot sourceforge dot net. Or you can post on this wiki page.